01. What is a title bond?
We know that several states require that a Title Bond be purchased in order to issue a new title…for their protection! Here’s how it works. The state will determine the value of the car in question, let’s say $5000. The purchaser will then have a bonding service issue a Title Bond and the cost is dependent on the car’s history, the length of time the bond is good for and the purchaser’s credit history.

The agency issuing the Title Bond is insuring the state issuing the new title, that if during a specified length of time, usually one to six years, if the original title owner appears and wants their car, the new title owner will give the vehicle back or write a check for $5000, regardless of the car’s condition.

So before you sign on the dotted line to purchase a title bond, you better be 100% certain, that the car wasn’t stolen because no matter how much time and money you put into this newly titled car, it can go back to the previous owner without a penny coming your way.

02. How do I qualify for a title bond?
To qualify, you must be a resident of the state or own a car whose last title was given in the state. The car must be a complete vehicle and cannot have been abandoned, stolen or junked.

03. How do I know if I need the bond?
When trying to register a car with only a bill of sale or a defective title.

04. What is the cost of the bond?
15 dollars per $1,000.00 Minimum cost of bond is $100.00

05. Is there an additional premium for someone without a driver’s license?
No, the premium is driven by the bond amount.

06. Can I change my mind after I buy the bond?
There are no flat cancellations, Bond is fully earned.

07. How fast will I get the bond?
Instantly, once the credit card is approved, the bond will be emailed to you along with a paid receipt. Just sign it have your signature witnessed (by a friend) and your bond is ready to be submitted to DMV.

08. How long will the bond last?
Each state has different requirements. Our bond automatically default to the require years from your state.

09. What is the process for obtaining the bond in Georgia?
To obtain a Georgia title based on a title bond (surety bond), you, the vehicle owner, must be a legal resident of Georgia and the vehicle must be a vehicle that requires a Georgia title.

10. What are the different forms that I have to fill out?
A DOR Title/Tag Application, Form MV-1, A Certificate of Title Bond, Form MV-46, A Certificate of Title Bond Affidavit, Form MV-46A, A Certification of Inspection by a Duly Constituted Georgia City, County or State Law Enforcement Officer or County Tag, Form T-22B.

11. Do the forms have to be notarized?
Yes, the signature on The Certificate of Title Bond Affidavit, Form MV-46A must be notarized. The notary public must sign, affix his or her notary seal or stamp and record the date their notary commission 

12. How is the Bond value determined?
You must call The Georgia DMV 855-406-5221 ask for registration questions. Give them the vehicle identification Number. They will then tell you the required bond amount. (usually 1.5 times book value)

13. How long has Bernard Fleischer and Sons, Inc been in business?
In 1949, Founder Bernard Fleischer established the agency and William Fleischer, CIC has been at the helm since 1986. 65 Years of continuous family ownership.

14. Do I need a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
Yes, the VIN number is required to apply for a title bond. If salvage or unobtainable, the DMV would assign one to you.

15. What is the procedure required to obtain a duplicate title for my car, and how much does it cost?
You would need to obtain a duplicate or replacement title from your DMV. Depending on the state, they may have a Title Bureau which can be more informative.

16. Can anyone else issue a title for me other than the DMV?
No. We issue bonds and the DMV can issues a title.

17. I lost a title to my car that I never registered and the previous owner is unreachable, how do I get a new title?
We could issue a title bond which you would file with your state DMV and they would issue you a replacement title. The bond would be a guarantee that if someone else were to put a valid claim on the ownership of the vehicle, you would pay up to 1.5 times the fair market value as deemed by the DMV. All we would need is our application and a copy of the bill of sale showing your ownership.

18. I lost the title to my car, but my name is on it.
We will need for you to fully complete a Title Bond Application and provide Satisfaction of a Loan with the Finance Company, Paid in full invoice.

19. What does it mean when you a car bonded?
The bond for the title of a vehicle is sometimes required by the DMV in the case where the title is defective, destroyed, or lost. The DMV will need a bond in order to issue a replacement title.

20. Can I talk to my insurance company about the title bond?
They don’t do that. All they want to see is the title and you are the rightful owner. Bonding is very different from insurance.